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Feb 08, 2019

On hold


After an intensive conference season we are now focussing on our research projects and teaching. Future talks will be anounced here but will only be in 2020.

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Recent Talks

(10/2019) What good are spatial interaction models?

M Vanhoof

Spatial Data Science Conference, New York, USA

Watch this talk be clicking here

(09/2019) Unravelling functional areas from human behaviour: mobile phone data and copulas

E Arcaute, M Vanhoof, C Molinero

CSS 2019, Singapore

(08/2019) Assessing the quality of home detection from mobile phone data

M Vanhoof, C Lee, Z Smoreda

RGS-IGB, London, UK

(08/2019) Mobile phone indicators and their relation to the socioeconomic organisation of cities

C Cottineau, M Vanhoof

RGS-IGB, London, UK

(07/2019) Using foursquare data to reveal spatial and temporal patterns in London

M Vanhoof, A Godoy-Lorite , R Murcio, I Iacopini, N Zdanowska, J Raimbault, R Milton, E Arcaute, M Batty

Netmob, Oxford, UK

(07/2019) Studying cities with mobile phone data

M Vanhoof

Urban Analytics Workshop, Shanghai, China

(04/2019) Sensitivity of Home detection from Mobile Phone Data

M Vanhoof, Clement Lee, Zbigniew Smoreda

GISRUK, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

(04/2019) Insights from the inside: een overzicht van 4 jaar onderzoek met mobiele telefoon data

M Vanhoof

Data Science Leuven, Leuven, BE

(04/2019) Big Data, Geography, and Cartography

M Vanhoof

Geografische Voorstellingen (Lecture), KU Leuven, Belgium

(04/2019) Waar brengt de golf van big data ons naartoe?

M Vanhoof

Lerarenopleiding Thomas More, Mechelen, BE

(04/2019) Data visualisation on the Web

M Vanhoof

Online Publishing (Lecture), KU Leuven, Belgium

(02/2019) Trusthwortiness of mobile phone data

M Vanhoof

Data Natives, London, UK

(10/2018) Performance and sensitivities of home detection from mobile phone data

M Vanhoof, C Lee, Z Smoreda

BigSurv'18, Barcelona, Spain

(04/2018) Mobile phone data, networks, and space

M Vanhoof

Seminar at the Complexity Science Hub, Vienna, Austria

(03/2018) Because Dave spilled milk

M Vanhoof

Open Lab Talks, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne

(11/2017) Mobile phone data and spatial statistics

C Lee and M Vanhoof

Seminars of the Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP), NYU, New York

(11/2017) One hell of a bumpy ride: Using mobile phone data to study spatial and social systems

M Vanhoof

Lab Lunch of the Senseable City Lab, MIT, Boston

(06/2017) Mining mobile phone data to detect urban areas

M Vanhoof, L Hendrickx, A Puussaar, T Plötz, G Verstraeten, Z Smoreda

Mobilités et (R)évolutions numeriques, 15e colloque MSFS, Marne-la-Vallée

(10/2016) Utiliser les données mobiles pour analyser la sociabilité et mobilité

M Vanhoof

Journée des doctorants, Orange Labs Paris

(07/2016) Spatial Uncertainties for the detection of homes from CDR data

M Vanhoof

Mobile Tartu 2016, Tartu

(05/2016) Six tendencies for the future of interdisciplinary research on Big Data

M Vanhoof

Seminaire SENSE, Orange Labs Paris

(02/2016) Big Data: Opportunities for geographical research

M Vanhoof

Advanced Geography and Tourism Seminars, KU Leuven, Leuven

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