Publications in International Journals

J Beckers, M Vanhoof, A Verhetsel

Journal of Transport Geography. 2019, 76, pp. 315-324.

C Cottineau and M Vanhoof

International Journal of Geo-Information, 2019, 8(1), pp. 1-19.

M Vanhoof, F Reis, T Ploetz, Z Smoreda

Journal of Official Statistics, 2018, 34(4), pp. 935-960.

M Vanhoof, W Schoors, A Van Rompaey, T Ploetz, Z Smoreda

Journal of Urban Technology, 2018, 2, pp. 27-61.

M Janzen, M Vanhoof, Z Smoreda, KW Axhausen

Travel Behaviour and Society, 2018, 11, pp. 31-42.

M Vanhoof, L Hendrickx, A Puussaar, G Verstraeten, T Ploetz, and Z Smoreda,

Netcom, 2017, 31-3/4, pp. 335-372.

S Grauwin, M Szell, S Sobolevsky, P Hövel, F Simini, M Vanhoof, Z Smoreda, A-L Barabási, C Ratti

Scientific Reports, 2017, 7, 46677

L Pappalardo, M Vanhoof, L Gabrielli, Z Smoreda, D Pedreschi, F Giannotti

International Journal of Data Science and Analytics, 2016, 1(2), pp. 75-92

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Papers in pipeline

Sensitivities of home detection practices for mobile phone data

M Vanhoof, C Lee, Z Smoreda

Big Data meets Survey Science - In Press

Purpose imputation for long-distance tours without personal information

M Janzen, M Vanhoof, K Axhausen

In Revision

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Publications in International Conference Proceedings

M Vanhoof, S Combes, M-P de Bellefon

Proceedings of the Conference of the Italian Statistical Society (SIS 2017)

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Full papers presented at International Conferences

Extracting domestic tourism trips from mobile phone data and exploring the use of mobile phones during trips.

Detecting home locations from CDR data: introducing spatial uncertainty to the state-of-the-art

M Vanhoof, F Reis, T Plötz, Z Smoreda

3th Mobile Tartu (2016)

Correcting mobility entropy from CDR data for large-scale comparison of individual movement patterns

W Schoors, M Vanhoof, A Van Rompaey, T Plötz, Z Smoreda

3th Mobile Tartu (2016)

Closer to the total? Long distance travel of French mobile phone users