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I'm a Research Fellow at the University College of London.

Previously, I was at Open Lab in Newcastle and at Orange Labs France in Paris.

I hold a PhD in Computing Science, and Masters in Geography and Cultural Studies

Have a look around to encounter some of my, interests, research, talks, and publications.

In case of interest, or doubt, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Popular Article
Are We Europe magazine published a contribution of mine on 'Who owns your mobile phone data?' in their Code of Consience issue. Worth a read!
Thesis published
Newcastle University has now released my PhD thesis! Click the figure and it is yours to read, cherish, talk about, and all of this for free!!
Conference season is entirely open! I've delivered talks in London, Signapore and New York, to follow up on them, hunt down the talks page!
It is conference season, for sure! I'll be at Netmob presenting the work we have been doing at CASA on the Foursquare Future Cities Challenge.
I will be attending the Urban Analytics Workshop in Shanghai to work with 35 other researchers on health in the city. Exciting!
I won an Early Career Researcher Grant to present my work at Gisruk in the exact same building where I wrote my PhD. Great to be back!
This spring I'll be returning to my Alma Mater to deliver several lectures and talks. Find out when and where at the talks page and come say hi, anytime!
Tom Willaert of the Cultural Studies group at KULeuven is entertaining a blog on digital scholarship and he interviewed me for it. Read that stuff!
Cover paper
Our paper in IJGI was promoted to form the cover story of the latest issue! Told you it had nice figures, didn't I?
New Paper
Our paper on using mobile phone data together with census data has been published in IJGI. Go check it out! It has nice figures.
New Job
I started a new job as research fellow at the Center of Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) in the Bartlett at University College London!
Passed the PhD viva!!
Friday 24/08 I passed my PhD viva with 'very very very minor corrections' at Newcastle University. Three times hurray! Picture credit: Steve Mayes
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